Fireworks Frenzy

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Fireworks Frenzy

Fireworks Frenzy Free Online SlotFireworks Frenzy slot machine is the game to try out if you would not like to wait up to November to start enjoying the firework.

Fireworks Frenzy Free Online Slot

The game has been packaged well in an impressive console and it has some sophistication with it. The reels with the surrounding areas had been decorated in the bright manner and they have captivating and colorful array of the firework graphics with all the indication of the game. Everything is about offering the best experience to the players.
The game is found on 3 rows, 5 reels with 25 paylines. The player can activate all of them at once. The backdrop of this game is beautiful and big night sky and it completes all the exploding fireworks with a large crescent mood that provides everything needed to achieve to the theme of the game.

Game symbols

The game has three high valued symbols and they may be brought in the game at once. The first game is a set of different rockets while the second is a yellow explosion. The third one is a third multicolored and it is looking to make explosion. Other symbols in the game are Ace, King, Queen, jack, 10 and 9, but they are of lower value as it happens with other games.
The wild in the game is Catherine Wheel and it can swap out other symbols in the game but not the scatter symbol. Other functions of the wild are highlighted at the back while its power enhances the play.

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