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Casino War

Casino War Free Online SlotCasino War card game has been played mostly by the children but now it is available online. The game is played with six decks and the standard of the 52 deck.

Casino War Free Online Slot


The values of the card in the game are the same as these of the poker, however, in this game; the highest card is an Ace. The player will play with dealer and he hopes that he can turn the cards with the highest value. This helps the winner to get back the bet he had made before playing. You can beat the virtual dealer instead of playing with another person. Now you can play to win in this game.

Game features

Casino war free slot is played as the blackjack game. It offers the instant win and it is an instant win itself. Instead of having the table game, as you may wish, you can beat the dealer four times and every hand can be given a specific prize. When the player is able to beat the dealer using one hand, then the winnings are given and they can be added at the balance.

The players can start to win with 0.10 each hand. However, this is not the case taking into account that there will be four hands, so the minimum game is 0.40 for each pop while the top chip value can be put at 10, dollars. The gamers can be given four hands. When the dealer has been given his cards, any hand that can beat the dealer, the prize that corresponds to it will be awarded.

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