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Book of Rebirth

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Book of Rebirth

Free Book of Rebirth Slot OnlineBook of rebirth is definitely one of the most eye catching Egypt-themed online free slot games I have ever played. It is adventurous, mysterious and certainly capable of keeping the player busy with game for hours and hours. In this game every spin counts; every spin could leads to something new and exciting. That is not all; the game is also capable of offering you good money. All you have to do is invest just a small portion of your hard earned money with this game and enjoy the outcome.

Free Book of Rebirth Slot Online


Book of rebirth is a fantastic slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 static pay lines. This game format does not actually allows you to change the number of active pay lines while playing the game. The entire set of pay lines are always active. It is not a bad thing though. In reality, it is the most important aspect to increase the frequency of winnings. Other than that, the initial betting amount is also effecting the size of the final prize. So think carefully and think hard before placing a bet. Anyway, it is recommended to use as bigger as bets as possible to make sure you do not lose any juicy stuffs when come to winning prizes.

Book of rebirth has a big fan base. People from all around the world are really enjoying this game. Book of rebirth is also a modern generation online slot game. It is fast, reliable and extremely exciting. The RTP rate of this game is above 96% and it shows how reliable this game is. On the other hand, the book of rebirth also supports all types of online platforms including windows, Apple, android and Linux. One can use any kind of device including mobile phones, tablets or PCs to play and enjoy this superb game.

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