Book of Pyramids

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Book of Pyramids

Free Slot Online Book of PyramidsBook of pyramids slot machine is the game which is based on the Egypt civilization and it is the theme which fascinates most people. Many scientists, researchers and historians are always looking to know more about this topic. Egypt and Pyramids go together most of the time. This slot does not require too much money, but after paying it, you will get the instant tickets to enter into the pyramids.

Free Slot Online Book of Pyramids


From the beginning of the world, there is always someone known to be better than others. This is because some people are born curious. The spirit may lead to adventure and it is through such adventure on its own everything may be managed in order to shape the history pages. There is no problem in playing this game since it comes with sober graphics with magnificent design. The sound effects that had been used are at the minimal and they are meant to preserve the pyramid dignity.

The game is taking place on the 9 paylines with 5 standard reels. On the dashboard, you can find the setting such as the stop, bet min, bet max, autoplay and other favorite buttons. The entire screen is spread with hieroglyphs. However, the symbols include the signs that you are able to read which are J, Q, K and A. Other symbols include the Ankh, Golden Pharaoh, black cat and Eye of Horus. The golden pharaoh is the high paying symbol and you can use to summon the luck since by getting five of them, you get a mini jackpot of 6,666 coins.

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