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88 Fortune Cats

Free 88 Fortune Cats Slot OnlineChina is one of the most influential countries in the world. Their traditions are spreading all over the world including the world of online free slot games. The concept of lucky cats is also a concept from the ancient Chinese culture. According to the Chinese legends these cats are capable of bringing luck to people’s lives. Thanks to this so interesting free slot game, the ability of these lucky cats has been proven and improved. These cats are not only capable of brining little luck but powerful enough to change our lives upside down.

Free 88 Fortune Cats Slot Online

88 fortune cats is also a very beautiful game with eye catching graphics and very interesting animations; not all of them are 3D quality but quality enough to bring pleasure to one’s heart. The game play is pretty simple and easy control.

Anyone including novice players can understand the rules of the game within few minutes. Players can take a look at the info section via the button with a question mark through the user interface of the game. On the other hand there is also a free online version of this game to do some practice before entering into the real money version. This free money version offers 5000 free coins.

88 lucky cats online free slot machine is enriched with 100 possible winning combinations or pay lines. One can chose the number of activated pay lines before starting each spin. The number of activated pay lines effect the amount of total bet and sizes of available prizes. So one has to choose carefully.

88 Lucky cats is a free slot with 6 Chinese traditional symbols. Two of them are special and those are the wild and the scatter. The wild is the provider of the biggest jackpot of the game. The scatter is also capable of offering some sweet prizes. Other than that, all symbols are capable of offering some prizes; usually they are smaller in size.

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