SGS Universal software is believed to offer 100 slot machines with the hefty handful casino games. The software is based in Ukraine and it has been able to deliver beautiful slot machines together with 3D graphics for the HTML5 mobile market.

SGS Free Online Slots

The company behind the software had worked with gaming machines for a long period for the land based casinos but it is not that interested in the online casino games. Only four websites feature its games.

Even if the online shop started in the year 2009, SGS Universal software claims that it has around 30 years as experience in creating the software and the hardware of the gaming solution.

Software features

The SGS Universal software has developed video lottery terminals and they were designed, distributed and developed under this company. They do offer inclusive gaming experience and there are over 25 games which include the slot machines, classic lotteries and scratch cards. The machines are capable to accept monetary bills, barcodes and coupons. Sometime the players may use Pin or Chip method in depositing the money in order to achieve to the high level of the convenience.

Games’ feature

The players are able to win progressive jackpots and they are active throughout the entire network of the game machines and on the single terminals. The user interface has been designed in emulating the appearance at the internet browser and this makes easy for the players who are accustomed to the online gambling. Even if the company had over 100 slot machines, SGS Universal software has only 30 slots online.

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