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Games OS software is the game that makes sure that it carters for everyone in the business, regardless if it is the person who loves titan tables of games, voracious appetite of video poker and online slots aficionado. The chance is that you may have used their products without being aware of it.

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Some clients are Slots Million Casino, Bet 365, and 888 Casino. The games OS is close to the omnipresent software when it comes to the online gaming industry whenever it is possible.

The Games OS is a development house when it comes to the turnkey gaming solution and it has been in the business for many years now. The company offers everything a gaming platform will need including the full back office management and payment solution. The services include the ready to go casino solutions and it is available with different channels, HTML 5 casino suits, tablets and smart phones. It also offers live casino in the cooperation with the LimeLight.

Game samples

Among the games they provide, there are card, tables and incorporation slots. Others are virtual scratch cards and video cards. This gives the clients unparalleled selection of products that they may choose from. The software has a range of some services with the mini games that may be embedded in the banner of the client in order to drive the traffic to these sites or to engage the customers.

This software can be customized to suit the needs of the clients. The game has promotional and marketing tools which increase the number of clients that visit the websites.

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