Cozy Games

Cozy Games management websites was established in the year 2005 and its main office is found at the Isle of Man.

Free Cozy Games Online

The players are able to benefit from the Cozy game software in different ways. From the start, the platform had been designed to be integrated in the third party game providers and it means that there will be no limit about the gameplay and the diversity of the theme. The company does also give the special gamification feature in the casino software. It awards the players the bonuses, rewards, level ups and badges.

The platform had also been optimized in working across different devices and platform. This means that the players are able to tap in the entertainment and games: wherever they may be or different time which is convenient to the players.

How many players

The software boosts some impressive statistics. The firm is now supporting technological needs of six casino and bingo networks with the overall player base of over 4.5 million. What it is even more, is that the company is capable to supply over 100 website skins to the clients and every client may personalize the website in order to reflect its identity.

The slot machine for desktop and mobile

If you have already heard about the Cozy Software games software service, you may want also to know about the games itself. The company had designed and then released more than 100 flash games and there is more than 50 games that are available so the player can play them on the HTML5. Even if most games are found in 2D cartoon fashion, they may have got to high lengths in order to match each aspect of the theme of the game.