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Vikings Kajot

Vikings Kajot Free Online SlotExpedition Viking is a game full of adventure, exploration and conquest. The theme is great for both seasoned and new gamers, and with its unique setting the untold story unfolds. Players will experience new friendships being formed but at the same time realize betrayal from close allies. Every single battle is a thriller while hidden treasures taken away simply makes you want to play more. The changing balance of power is what best defines Vikings in true essence of the word-seek your very own fortune.

Vikings Kajot Free Online Slot


There are quite a number of unique features that take you to nordic history. Your story will either make people be friends of enemies but the big question is will they trust you? It is here that reputation comes in to either make or break you. In every case, your very reputation will determine the kind of politics that will be played and the wars that you will engage in in the long run. You can side with specific group irrespective of whether be they picts, angles, or Norsemen. In this game you can either trade or raid for this way the life of Vikings. Its either you find wealth by the sword or becoming a savvy trader withing your region. It is all about carving you character by choosing the best of skills and abilities to make you stand out in the group.

This game is interesting based on the fact that its setting lies between the British isles and Jutland-hence while making it even more real.

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