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Dr Lovemore

Slot Machine Dr Lovemore Online FreeThe video slot game had now developed the game that brings something different from the old games. There is innovative and beautiful virtual world which are being created as the results.

Slot Machine Dr Lovemore Online Free

Playtech had decided to develop Dr Lovemore game and it is designed to keep up with the beauty. Its character is sleazy male who wants to seduce the opposite sex regardless of the cost. If you help him in what he is doing, then you will get the cash.

Game features

The game starts with an original premise. The screen had been painted in yellow and blue, contrary to other games you may have seen. The color scheme of the game is in pastel so it stands out from others. However, the difference is found with the symbols on the reel. At the beginning, the pink hearts are on the screen which shows what the game is all about. The mood of the game is set from the beginning. It is up to you to love or to hate it.

The game features five spinning reels, 3 symbols and 20 paylines which run over the screen. In order to win, there should be a combination of the right symbol at the activated paylines.

If you wish, you may try out the auto play mode; this is where the spin can start automatically without having to click at the spin each time.

Game symbols

The symbols of the game are condoms, made in many flavors like strawberry, kiwi, banana, orange and cherry. Others are female and male signs, champagne, perfume and bouquet.

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