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You Bet Your Asteroids

You Bet Your Asteroids Free Online SlotYou bet your asteroids is a scratch card game and you will be able to enjoy instant win. The idea of playing this game is the same as if you buy the scratch cards at the local outlet. The players should choose the stake value and then to start to reveal the section of the cards you are playing with.

You Bet Your Asteroids Free Online Slot


The player can be able to get extra free bonus money that he can use to play. When you play, you will be able to
Get instant win in the game play
To scratch in order to reveal 2 symbols that matches
The win maybe over 100 times the value of the bet.
The value of the game ranges starting from 0.10 dollar to 2, 00 dollars each game. This means that you do not have to pay high stake if you are looking to play. The scratch cards had always been the best way of playing on casino and they are popular. When you start to win, you can start to collect even big winnings.

Game symbols

You have to choose the card you are looking for to get and then you can hit at the buy card. One of the cards can be hiding the alien operating spaceship, spaceship, rocket, Saturn, earth, moon and the sun. Alien spaceship offers highest rewards which is a 150 x multiplier. The moon, earth and spaceship symbols offer 20x, 40 and 80 times. You can shoot the cards one after the other or you can click on Scratch all to see the symbols at once. when three symbols matches, then you get a win.

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