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Tens or Better Mobilots

Tens or Better Mobilots Free Online SlotTens or Better is a video poker game and it is popular with players. However, it can be easier to win with Tens or Better compared to playing with Jack or Better. Whenever you get a pair of 10s, then you are a winner. This is contrary to the Jacks or Better where you have to get two jacks. However, because it is easy to win with this game, then you will get only small payouts in comparison with other video poker game. The game does have a lower variance compared to the video poker games because of increased number of the paying cards.

Tens or Better Mobilots Free Online Slot


Tens or Better play out as the Jacks or Better. You can start by placing the bet and you can then deal five cards. You may choose the cards to keep or these that you wish discarding. You can click at hold for every card that you would like to keep and then discards the cards you do not want. The new cards will be dealt again if you choose to deal once again. Always keep in mind that getting 10s will make you eligible to the wins.

Winning hands

The following are some of the winning hands that you can have with Tens or Better Video Poker
The Royal Flush: this is the hands which contain A/K/Q/J/10 but it should be of one suit. This is the highest hand you can have
Four of one kind: this is when you have the cards that have same face value.
Others are straight flush, full house, straight, three of a kind and two pairs.

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