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Gold Rush

Slot Machine Gold Rush Online FreeIn the 19th century, some of the settlers in America drove away to join the riches found in the Golden Rush Valley. This was making these settlers to be rich beyond what they expected. This video is based on the idea of Gold Rush.

Slot Machine Gold Rush Online Free

What you have to remember is that some of these settlers went away but they came home empty handed or they did not even come home. However, some of them were able to make big money and you have to play this free slot online hopping that you will be among them. The game has 9 wheels, 3 bonus games and 2 progressive jackpots. You will always find an ample way that you can use to achieve everything.

Game symbols

The action of the game takes place in the Western outpost and it is complete with cacti, tumbleweed and twang of banjo. The magnet swimming game has animated the slot and there are sound effects that match with it. If you lead this game dormant for some time, then a bearded gold panner will begin to snore. When you roll the reels again, then he is going to jerk back into reality.

On the screen, then you will get two wooden boards which had affixed panning equipment and you will find two jackpots displayed on it. A regular jackpot will start at 500 while the super jackpot will start at 10,000. However, the two jackpots are progressive so they will continue to grow as the time passes. The credit will be displayed at far left with the value of every bet.


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