Fruit Salad Jackpot

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Fruit Salad Jackpot

Slot Machine Fruit Salad Jackpot Online FreeGames OS is an innovative free slot game developing company which is popular as one of the leading producer of modern day free slot games. On the other hand, they are also popular as one of the leading producers of classic free slot machines which are combined with latest free slot machine technologies. This game does not have any fancy graphics or cutting edge animations. But if you are a beginner level slotter or a fan of basic slot games, this free slot is the best fitting slot for you. On the other hand, the initial investment you need to play this free slot is the lowest in the industry. The coin size is fixed and in numbers, 25 cents. One can bet up to 5 of these coins.

Slot Machine Fruit Salad Jackpot Online Free


That means the max bet of this free slot is limited to 1.25 coins per spin. Obviously, that is a totally risk free investment even for a low better. The control panel which allows you to make bets is at the bottom of the game console. The control panel actually does not have many buttons but 3. Those are “bet one”, “bet max” and “spin” buttons. The pay table is also integrated to the main display. All the possible prizes are right in front of your eyes while you are playing the game. This game does not have any bonus features. There are no even wilds or scatters. But if you are lucky enough this free slot machine is generous enough to offer several prizes over 1000 coins.

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