Deep Blue

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Deep Blue

Slot Machine Deep Blue Online FreeIt is time to Delve in Deep Blue using this wonderful and wet slot. When you see the game for the first time, it will be looking as a 3 reel slot with simple cartoon symbol. However, when you dive into the water, you will get to know that it is more than the normal games. With the aquatic games, you are given the chance of playing the interesting bonus features and it will be easy to locate some large jackpot prizes that will be lurking in these deep blue abysses.

Slot Machine Deep Blue Online Free

The game is standard and it has cartoon style icons which depict different underwater critters like puffer fish, pearl clam, crab and sea anemone. Other symbols you can find are golden treasure hoard and diving bell helmet. The game features eye catching animation and they have bubbly sound effects which gives the player an impression that he is already under the deep blue sea. You can even hear relaxing whale song that helps you to calm down as actions unfolds.

Game features

Before you start to play this 3 reel slot, it will be good if you get your head around some of the game features. What you have to do is taking a note of fact that you will find different paylines that are involved into this slot machine. To win, you will have to match three symbols. If the winning pattern forms, then they do disappear to give you a chance of winning with a new combination. When you win for the second time, then a multiplier rise and you can get a multiplier of up to 5 times.

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