Chef Wars

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Chef Wars

Chef Wars free slot is the game with food competition as a topic since the cooking shows are not dominating airwaves; it is available on Arrow’s Edge. Even if the shows are blowing up the TV, they are not big as the celebrity chef which appears on them. By taking into the consideration this genre, it does make sense that it can adapt to the slot world. This is the only game that you can find online which talks about food competition. It had been developed under Arrow’s Edge and it is a dish that it is worth all the waiting.

Slot Machine Chef Wars Online Free

The game features tense atmosphere and it takes place in the TV studio set. The light is focusing on the stage and the kitchen table had utensils which are scattered in every corner. The chef is now waiting to get the new order.

The reels do looks grand and the symbols do feature vibrant and bright colors which make the casino to pop out. There are many dishes at the reels and they are salivating the mouth. It happens as it happens in the real TV show and the symbols are competing.

Game features

The game is of 20 paylines with 5 reels. The main chef protagonist does cheer the player if he makes the winning. The winning paylines are found at the right or left of reels. By winning, the lines get highlighted and they show the person what he’d won. The game has a scatter symbol with the wild symbols that lead to a jackpot. The scatter symbol is a big golden trophy.

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