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Roll and Ride

Roll and Ride Free Online SlotRoll & Ride slot machine is a game with money and cars as a theme. In this game found at Play Pearls, you are the person who has cars and who visit popular establishment and you will be having someone who looks gorgeous at your arm.

Roll and Ride Free Online Slot


The game is developed for someone who loves cars but who is also ready to win some money. This game is presented on 20 paylines with 5 reels. The symbols to expect are VW beetles, minis and retro school buses.
To start the game, you have to bet starting at 0.10 up to 4.00 coins. This means that the small amount that you can bet is 20 dollars and the highest amount is 80 dollars. In addition, at each row of the tiles, there is a number 1 up to 20 and these are the place where you can set the paylines if you want to play with few.

The game paylines are kept at the minimum and the other button you should see when you are playing is autoplay option. This is found over the spin widget and this is what it does. It will make the reels to move at once without your input.
The cars in the game, some look desirable compared to others, but most of them are all classic cars. The backdrop is made up in the neon painted city and it is dripping with the illuminated allured in the dead of the night, the time that the roads are completely yours and you can move at whichever speed you want.

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