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Rainbow Free Online SlotRainbow slot machine online is the game with a theme that there is a gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Even if this is not something believed in the real world, it is something to expect with the Rainbow slot since each rainbow comes with two pot of gold, one at each side.

Rainbow Free Online Slot

The Rainbow is a game that promises enough return to the money you bet. You will get to see cheerful colors, cute flowers and cute insects that are found in violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red color.

The layout of the game is popular with 3 rows and 5 reels with 25 lines. Reels in this game had been adorned with the green floral border and the background series comes with rolling green hills that give away the blue skies with fluffy and nary rainbow in the sight.

How to play

When you have set the line bet with the bet level, then it is time to click at the start arrow. As the action starts, you will not be able to know the symbols that will come in the view. However, it is better if you may empower yourself and know the value of these symbols.

The symbols of the game are more than just the rainbow and sunshine. At the game, you can see the marigolds, daisies and roses with other flowers. Where you see the flowers, you will also see the insects. They are cute, especially the bug eyed ladybird. You can get to see a cute spider which is a bonus symbol with a four leaf clover which is the wild of the game.

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