Peter and the Lost Boys

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Peter and the Lost Boys

Peter and the Lost Boys Free Online SlotPeter & the lost boys slot machine is the game based on the fantasy world and it is a popular theme among the players. It gives the player the chance of going back in their childhood and they can enjoy the company offered by the magical beings.

Peter and the Lost Boys Free Online Slot


The game is based on the positive regression. It is a story of a boy who refused to grow up. The game universe is full of the enchantment and magic with decent graphics. The background is about a mysterious looking forest. The trees have been put closer to one another and it is hard for the sunlight to pass through. The forest evokes mystery and not horror. The reels had been framed in the flowers and they have intricate wines. They do hover in a middle of a game screen. The soundtrack is more melodious and it is accompanied with the natural sounds found in the forest.

The game features 25 paylines with 5 spinning reels. With the command bar found under the reels, it is possible to customize all the settings so that they can fit the gaming preference of the player. After adjusting the bet size, you can hit at the play button so that you can release the reels and to make them spin.

Game symbols

The game symbols of the game are the well known card icons which start from 10 up to an ace. The high paying symbols are the notorious Lost Boys. Peter Pan is a wild card and it can be used to replace other basic symbols and the game has a linking wild feature when you get two or more joker cards.

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