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Keno Universe

Keno Universe Free Online SlotKeno Universe is a lottery style game that you can have real fun while playing. This is a classic game but it might seem new to many. It isn’t your classic free slot machine game but indeed the game is fun and who knows you might start liking this type of game rather than spinning reels. All you basically have to do on the slot here is select your favorite or lucky number and find out that you have actually won. That’s it! That’s how swiftly and easily the game works.

To make things even easier, the game front is very navigable. You can find the numbers and the instructions very easily. Everything is very simple on the screen which makes it a neat game you can focus on easily. There are basically 80 numbers out of which you have to choose 10 numbers – these numbers are randomly drawn. You have a large area of choices based on the number of bets you want to place on the slot.

Keno Universe Free Online Slot


Keno Universe is a different kind of online slot machine game that will remind you of lotto games. If you love the super lotto then probably you will love this game. Although the game is a tad bit different, it is fun to play. You have the full freedom to choose numbers at random and watch as the payouts roll in your favor. The gamble feature is the only one that resembles other slot machine games here. You are asked to pick a card and guess its color.

You can start the game by selecting your desired amount as bet. After you have drawn the initial 10 numbers the lottery game will draw another 20 numbers for you. If any of the numbers match then you will win. It is pretty easy and the odds of winning seem quite high. If you match only one then you will win the lowest and of course if you manage to hit all the 10 numbers among those 20 then you will crack open the jackpot.

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