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Inspector Free Online SlotInspector Clueless slot machine was inspired by Sherlock Holmes and inspector Clouseua of Pink Panther. The game is a comical based and it is 3 reel slot. As a detective you are, your job is ridding the crime away of London streets and you end up winning big when you finish.

Inspector Free Online Slot

This drama takes place during the night and it is in Victorian style London Street. However, it is set in around 20th century. At the background, there is an ambient soundtrack where the cars are passing and there are barking dogs. The detective is on the reels complete with the deerstalker hat and will be squinting using his magnifying glass while inspecting the reels.

Game features

With every spin, the lights at the terraced houses found in its background, they will flicker on and the chimney smoke will drift near the face of moon. The game will not depict the actual reels and this allows the symbols in hovering against its backdrop. It allows the details found behind to shine and it makes the game static elements and dynamic to work together seamlessly. On the screen, there are two jackpots that are displayed and they are taking as the games goes on. The starting value for the jackpot is 500 but the Super Jackpot is 10,000.

Besides the two progressive jackpots, then Inspector Clueless has 3 bonus games. The value of the symbols of the game does vary According to the bet which was set part by each spin. Three meat cleavers are 1500 credits, 3 crowns offers 12,500 at the maximum.

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