Fish Tank

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Fish Tank

Free Slot Online Fish TankFish tank slot is the exception to the rules. Even if the settings are not that exceptional, the animations and the graphics are on the top. Each background element such as the bubbles, the fake shipwreck and the plants work together and they are integrated perfectly on the screen.

Free Slot Online Fish Tank

The icons of the free slot may look small but every icon will pop and the command bar on the bottom looks discrete. Everyone will be reminded that he is playing the game, however, in the end, this is a perfect game and it delivers its execution at the perfection. The game is based on 3×3 grid and it is the best option to take into consideration. Even if there are simple settings at the base, the game has over 3 bonus challenges that should be unlocked.

The game has high volatility and this makes it hard to win big most of the time. There are 3 reels on the game and there are 8 paylines. You can bet up to 10 credits at the maximum. The betting will not be that impressive but you can count at the auto spin if you want to choose the next wager and to let the reel to spin for a little and to speed up the entire process.

Game symbols

The paytable of Fish tank have 7 symbols and they have been animated. The symbols are mostly the tropical fish. A seahorse offers the highest prize, since it pays 1000 times the bet. You will need to adjust the bet if you wish to play with the Fish Tank original features.

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