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Free Hunter Slot OnlineHunting is one of the oldest, most dangerous and most exciting games in the world. Anyway, in the present, it is not as popular as in the past. Yet, many of us have a dream of hunting animals simply for pleasure. Thanks to free slot games like this one we can fulfil our dreams without really killing animals. The pleasure is almost as same as in a real hunt but without facing any real threats. Besides, there is also a chance to collet magnificent prizes as well. The designer of this game is the renowned free slot machine designer, SGS universal. In fact, the design is simply brilliant and heart worming. There are now holes in the structure of this free slot machine.

Free Hunter Slot Online


Graphics of this free slot are super cute including animations. There is a funny look on every animals’ face. The only problem is that these animals are too cute to be hunted down. Anyway, other than animals, the symbols set also has a hunter and a target board. The symbol of the hunter is the scatter. Scatter can activate the free bonus round. Free bonus rounds are more generous. All the prizes you win there will be multiplied by 3x. This free slot only has 5 reels, 3 rows and maximum 9 activated pay lines. The minimum activated pay lines should be 1. The next most powerful symbol is the symbol of target board. It is the wild. The wild symbol is capable of substituting other symbols except for scatter.

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