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Gold Dust

Free Gold Dust Slot OnlineGold Dust is the free slot machine game by EGT that gives you the real feeling of playing a slot game. This is a game that has some serious gold rush which will make you feel affluent. There are different kinds of symbols and the graphics used are just awesome. There are enough numbers of reels that will help you to win easily.

You can win up to 50,000 very easily. There are huge scopes of getting rewards and free coins after winning in spins. The jackpots in this game are great that will make you gain points pretty fast. You can easily avail the free spins if you have minimum 3 scatter coins. The spins range from 5 to 20 based on your symbol. The pay offs are good enough to explore this game fully. There are many multipliers in this game that will multiply the points or coins you have, moreover this game is exciting and is a great game to play in pass time.

Free Gold Dust Slot Online


The Gold Dust game created by EGT is an online slot machine game. This is a game that will make you feel affluent. The different kinds of symbols present in this game give you great pay offs. The pay offs are different for each symbol. The awesome graphics used in this game are just cool enough to be praised for a long time. The players of this game said this game to be one of their favorite slot machine games.

This game has many reels and they also provide free spins. The free spins are available once you gain minimum 3 scatter coins. The gambling feature doubles the points and there is a dynamite stick that is very beneficial. The dynamite stick will reveal the rewards so that it is easy for you to play accordingly. The jackpots that are available here are huge and can be extended till 50,000. This game is pretty simple and is not at all that tough to win if you get the strategy of the game well.

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