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Free Cruise Slot OnlineCruise is definitely a jolly good free slot game. It is certainly one of the warmest free slot games in the industry. This amazing free slot machine is narrated around something we all love, a vacation in the summer time in a worm beach. Actually, this free slot is a free ticket to visit a magnificent beach with no trouble at all. The design of this free slot is 100% matching with the theme. Graphics and animations are so smooth and also alive. On the other hand, these are as colorful as any great topical paradises from anywhere in the world. This free slot is actually a project from SGS universal lab. Basically, it has 5 reels. Unlike many other SGS games, this free slot only has 10 pay lines.

Free Cruise Slot Online


Some might say that decreasing number of pay lines may also decrease the frequency of prizes as well. But for this particular free slot, it is not true. To get a clear picture of the prizing system one must take a closer look at the pay table of the game. Accessing the pay table is not a very had job. It is also situated inside of the control panel. According to it, the most rewarding symbol is the symbol of island. It is also the wild symbol of the game. It can produce prizes up to 45000 coins from each and every spin. Other than that, there are also 25000 coin prizes and 12500 coin prizes as well. The 25000 coins’ prize is actually offered by the scatter symbol.

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