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Castaway Free Online SlotCastaway is has become a very famous free slot machine in a very short period of time. This game, as you have already assumed, is about a castaway. Actually, the game is well designed to portrait the difficult life of such a person. Even color combinations are wisely used to express such a situation. Anyway, the players are also given a chance to collect some fabulous prizes while experiencing the harsh life of a castaway figure. The basic look of this free slot game is somewhat different from regular slot games. But the basic setting is as usual as of a 5-reel, 30 pay lines slot game.

Castaway Free Online Slot


This pretty exciting free slot game also has a cool option called “side bet”. This option is a great prize booster but only available when all pay lines are in use. The symbol of “castaway” is the wild for this game. He has a humorous look but what he can do to make you rich is a totally serious matter.

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